Dreaming of California

Dreaming of California By on Feb 20, 2022 in California, North America, Regions, Travel Miscellany, USA, Videos, Websites

As part of their ‘Am I Dreaming?’ campaign that premiered during the Super Bowl LVI pre-game programming on NBC, Visit California launched an all-new immersive digital experience designed and built by global digital partner, Appnovation.

The DREAM Theater website greets users with an idyllic vista of California and entices them to explore a sideways-scrolling journey to discover California’s iconic attractions and thrilling adventures. The site answers the question of “Am I Dreaming?” immediately with the title, “You’re Not Dreaming”, as it envelops the user in an immersive, engaging digital experience that proves that, as fantastic as it may seem, all this and more is possible in The Golden State.

Visitors can choose their journey by selecting from five key tourism categories:

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