Embrace Scotland this Valentine’s Day

Embrace Scotland this Valentine’s Day By on Feb 05, 2022 in Europe, Events, Regions, Travel Miscellany, United Kingdom, Western Europe

As 2022 continues to unfold one thing that’s for certain is the importance of connection. From those seeking to practise self-care and explorers looking to discover like-minded friends, to all the couples seeking a cosy getaway, Scotland is the perfect place to make connections that nourish the soul.

Say yes to solo experiences

Scotland is the ideal destination to reconnect with oneself – whether it’s to escape to the outdoors, practise mindfulness or indulge in a luxury spa break, everyone can benefit from a solo retreat.

Powdery stretches of white-sand beaches and rolling sheep-filled mountains mean absolute freedom, leaping into the unknown, and letting the senses run wild. An easy way to explore Scotland alone is through a guided tour, such

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