Luxury travel trends for 2022

Luxury travel trends for 2022 By on Feb 06, 2022 in Travel Miscellany

Although the effects of COVID-19 are still rumbling along in 2022, travel restrictions are loosening, and travel-lust is finally seeing some rebound. Our research demonstrates that in 2022 luxury travellers are seeking greater sustainability, connection and desire to support the local communities, precisely those who have suffered the most from COVID.

Discover the top trends for luxury travel in 2022:

Travelling abroad rebounds

As quarantine and other border restrictions are finally loosened up, make sure your passport is up to date, as you will need it in 2022! Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia are all expected to soon have easy access for vaccinated travellers, joining Costa Rica, Belize, and Mexico. The Galapagos Islands are open, and 2022 presents an outstanding opportunity to discover these wonders practically alone.

Eco-luxury accommodation

Sustainability is

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