Rare sighting off Lady Elliot Island, Queensland

Rare sighting off Lady Elliot Island, Queensland By on Jan 15, 2022 in Australia, Oceania, Regions

Master Reef Guide and Marine Biologist, Jacinta Shackleton, has seen in the New Year in style with a once-in a-lifetime experience, coming face to face with a rare blanket octopus in waters off Lady Elliot Island on 6 January 2022. The blanket octopus is so-called because of the sheets of webbing between its arms which, when outstretched, produce a blanket-like display to discourage any would-be attackers. But what’s really interesting about this species is the size difference between the genders – the male is the size of a walnut whilst the female can be up to 6 feet long – the greatest sexual size dimorphism in the marine world!

Ms Shackleton has been conducting research and diving the reef around Lady Elliot Island on Queensland’s Southern Great Barrier

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