Remembering Bears

Remembering Bears By on Dec 17, 2022 in Books, Travel Equipment, Travel Literature, Travel Miscellany

A heart-breaking video of a polar bear starving to death in the Baffin Islands of Canada brought attention to the challenges bears face due to climate change. While in China footage of a bear lying in its cage at a bile farm, the bars just wide enough to poke out a paw, and coverage of rescued ‘bile bears’ in Vietnam, arriving at sanctuaries with immense psychological and physical problems, some too weak to walk or climb after a lifetime in cages, raised attention to the plight of these mistreated animals. With habitats ranging from forests to woodland and grasslands to sea, bears are intriguing and captivating – but facing a bleak future.

With shrinking ice and inaccessibility to prey, polar bears could be extinct by

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