Rhythms and sounds of Brazil: a musical palette

Rhythms and sounds of Brazil: a musical palette By on Feb 28, 2023 in Brazil, Regions, South America

In a country of continental proportions like Brazil – with more than 8 million square kilometres (3.2 million square miles) – the rich diversity is reflected not only in the variety of ecosystems, but especially in the people, culture and musicality across the five different regions.

With a mixed population combining cultures from indigenous peoples, Europeans, and Africans brought during the colonial period, the result could not have been other than an explosion of rhythms and sounds that resonate in Brazilian daily life. In this geography of sounds, histories, and traditions, some rhythms better represent the identity of each region.

Bumba Meu Boi, Carimbó and Lambada

In the North, for example, the African culture, mixed with indigenous traditions and a touch of European influences, resulted in a colorful folklore festival called Bumba

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