Sustainable safaris in South Luangwa

Sustainable safaris in South Luangwa By on Jan 17, 2022 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Featured, Regions, Speciality Travel, Zambia

We’re drinking our morning coffee, still rubbing the sleep from our eyes, when we spot two male lions, lying high up on the bank, on the other side of the Luangwa River. It’s hard to tell who is watching who. Are we the watchers or the watched? Rapidly finishing our coffee, we drive the one minute journey from the lodge to the river crossing point, where a team of young men are waiting to pull us, on a pontoon, across the water. The morning air was chilly and still, the river flowed like silk and a brilliant sunrise lit the sky with streaks of red, pink, purple and orange. Immediately we reach the opposite bank, we clamber into the game drive vehicle, and head off in search

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