Thanda Island – picture perfect paradise in Africa

Thanda Island – picture perfect paradise in Africa By on Feb 11, 2023 in Accommodation, Africa, Regions, Resorts, Tanzania

Our helicopter rose into the sky and the whole of the Indian Ocean seemed to stretch out before us, glistening turquoise. A thirty minute hop away by helicopter, Thanda Island, a tiny teardrop of sand off the east coast of Tanzania, awaited us. Looking below we could see a traditional fishing dhow, carving its way through the azure water.

A sea turtle bobbed briefly on the surface, before submerging again. White sandbanks gleamed in the sunshine, beside sapphire blue channels of deeper water. Ahead of us a tiny speck of an island came into view. We circumnavigated the island by air, before coming in to land.

Only 8 hectares in size, 1km in circumference and 350 meters wide, this tiny

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