The best Antarctica fly-cruises

Antarctica is a bucket-list destination and a once in a lifetime experience for so many. The White Continent is a photographer’s dream, and its beauty is almost beyond compare with the clear blue seas, snowy landscapes and icebergs creating a stunning backdrop. Wildlife is plentiful from several breeds of penguin to leopard seals, birds and of course whales including humpback and even orcas. The only way to experience Antarctica as a traveller is by cruise, sailing around the peninsula and going ashore each day to explore. One of the biggest talking points about Antarctica is the crossing of the Drake Passage, the passage of water between Cape Horn, Antarctica and the South Shetland Islands. Known as the roughest stretch of sea in the world, it is understandably a daunting prospect for many wishing to reach Antarctica and it is hard to predict what the crossing will be like. The Drake

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