The best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

The best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona By on Mar 11, 2022 in Europe, Food and Drink, Going Out, Regions, Restaurants, Spain, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe

Why not try some of the world’s best quality dishes whilst indulging yourself in the beautiful city of Barcelona? These places are the type of locations where you will never have the same meal twice, due to their consistent innovation and focus on seasonal products. Here we have narrowed down the very best Michelin star restaurants that you will find in Barcelona.

Lasarte, based in Eixample

At the Condes de Barcelona hotel, you will find one of the most essential restaurants in the entire of Catalonia and Spain. Lasarte currently has three Michelin stars. This is the place to go when you really want to admire the creativity of a chef.

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