The luxury of campervanning

The luxury of campervanning By on Feb 17, 2022 in Europe, Regions, Road Travel, Speciality Travel

There’s something special about being able to take to the open road, stop when and where you like and yet have all the comforts of home still with you – a cosy bed, heating, a hot shower and even the kitchen sink. Whilst campervans and motorhomes are often not regarded as luxurious, there is an inherent luxury in the freedom that this lifestyle affords you and the spontaneity that can go with it.

As a motorhome owner myself, I’m all too aware of its many advantages but – let’s be honest – it’s not without its drawbacks also. Owners often reflect on their purchases and ask questions of themselves. For instance, where do you keep your camper when you are not using it? Does it make financial sense to

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