The most fascinating castles and fortresses in Italy

The most fascinating castles and fortresses in Italy By on Jun 20, 2022 in Attractions, Europe, Going Out, Italy, Regions, Western Europe

Italy boasts many precious monuments and architectural beauties, but the castles are certainly among the most evocative in terms of charm. Perched on majestic mountains, immersed in fairy-tale landscapes or lapped by the waters, castles and fortresses tell us long-gone stories, on the border between reality and legend.

The fortresses are very similar to castles, fortification works consisting of a wall of considerable thickness and towers. Generally, they are found in very suggestive villages or historical centres, places that bring images of princesses, knights and battles to mind. Here below is the list of some of the most fascinating ones.

Monteriggioni fortress, Tuscany

Thanks to its majesty and grandeur, the Monteriggioni fortress, in the province of Siena, has a natural tourist

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