The Tres Tombs Parade in Barcelona

The Tres Tombs Parade in Barcelona By on Jan 14, 2022 in Europe, Events, Leisure Travel, Regions, Spain, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe

The Tres Tombs Parade is a celebration of the feast of St Anthony Abbot, celebrated across towns and cities in Spain every 17th of January. Saint Anthony Abbot was a Roman Catholic monk and patron saint of domestic animals, basket weavers, farmers, grave diggers and the sick.

This celebration is especially noticed throughout Catalonia where parades known as Els Tres Tombs take place in several towns. These processions complete three laps of the town, and date back to the 15th century when farmers would bring their animals into town to be blessed. In Barcelona, this festival takes place and locals are encouraged to bring their own pets to be blessed. Romans would also walk around

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