Top 5 hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Top 5 hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil By on Jan 20, 2023 in Accommodation, Brazil, Hotels, Regions, South America

Hip, innovative and unrivalled urban cool, while São Paulo will never win an award for Brazil’s most photogenic tourist destination, this sprawling concrete metropolis is a treasure trove of historical and cultural attractions, and boasts some of the best food and nightlife in Brazil and art.

One of Brazil’s most culturally explosive and diverse urban centres, São Paulo is a truly global melting pot. São Paulo has the largest number of Japanese people outside of Japan, as well as a population of Italian ancestry, and the hottest cuisines in São Paulo include world-class Italian cuisine and some of the trendiest and most innovative sushi restaurants on the continent, as well as world-renowned traditional restaurants Presenting Brazilian flavours in an original way that is an absolute must. For

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