Top 5 luxury boats to explore Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a true paradise for explorers. Boasting some of the world’s best dive sites, volcanic islands, white sand beaches, and lush jungles, the archipelago extends its beauty far beyond Bali, its most popular tourist destination. Due to the vastness, one of the best ways to discover hidden gems and remote areas, such as Raja Ampat or Triton Bay, is to embark on a yacht charter. Floating boutique holiday homes with exquisite interior designs, these boats cater to those who look for an authentic yet luxurious way to navigate through the pristine waters of the Indonesian archipelago. Here is a selection of boats that invite you to unwind your soul and discover the wonders of Indonesia in style and utmost comfort.


Her elegant lines and time-honored design, Fenides fuse German perfectionism with skilled Indonesian craftsmanship. Built from tropical Ironwood and native

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