Top 5 pet-friendly hotels in Scotland

Top 5 pet-friendly hotels in Scotland By on Feb 28, 2022 in Accommodation, Europe, Hotels, Regions, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Many families have added a new member to their household during the course of the last two years. During lockdowns and while requested to keep a distance from human friends and loved ones, more and more families began to consider whether or not to invite a cat or, perhaps more likely, a dog to join the family. Children took the opportunity to put more pressure on their parents to make a long-cherished wish come true: to have a pet – especially as pets are also considered to be a 24/7 buddy alleviating the imposed lockdown isolation in a much friendlier and livelier way than a smartphone or a video game or so-called social media can do.

Now that spring is on our doorstep and even

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