Top 6 lesser known monuments of India

Top 6 lesser known monuments of India By on Jun 01, 2023 in Asia, Attractions, Going Out, India, Regions

Most people who visit India carry an itinerary in their hand. These itineraries usually list the most well-known places to visit in India. But what if you have already visited these places? Maybe you are someone who is looking for a little adventure and wants to explore the more unexplored parts of the country. Here are seven lesser known monuments in India that you should consider visiting today.

1. Chand Baori Step Well, Abhaneri

A beautiful step well, tucked away in a village called Abhaneri, this destination is situated in Rajasthan. If you visit this step well, you’ll find that it’s around 30m deep. This makes it both one of the largest as well as one of the deepest step wells located within

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