Top 7 luxury travel experiences in South Africa

South Africa is a destination that oozes perplexing opulence despite its stereotypical façade. Putting political standpoints aside, South Africa offers a highly diverse array of adventures and experiences that cater to the refined individual.

Cape Town has been voted the #2 Best City in the world for 2024 by TimeOut , which surveyed 20,000 people across the world, including a network of global writers and editors. Following these recent (and historical) acclamations, there’s been a common universal assumption that Cape Town is the only city/area worth visiting in South Africa.

However, the lesser-known parts of the country are arguably on-par with the likes of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, the grand Dowager-occupied estates of The Cotswolds, the private island-like villas of the Maldives, and the latest glamping experiences in Oman, Dubai, and Saudi

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