Treasures of Saqqara

Treasures of Saqqara By on Mar 06, 2022 in Africa, Attractions, Egypt, Going Out, Regions

Saqqara, located 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo, is one of the most important cemeteries of Memphis, which was one of the most important towns in ancient Egyptian history. The name of the location is most likely derived from Sokar, the god of this necropolis.

Saqqara is a true open-air museum, displaying the entirety of ancient Egyptian history. Kings and noblemen from the first two dynasties (c.3100–2686 BC) were buried here, and the Step Pyramid of Djoser (c.2686–2613 BC), the world’s earliest monumental edifice fully composed of stone, is also located here.

Saqqara history

Saqqara, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to 11 large pyramids spread out over 6 kilometers. The most famous is the Step Pyramid, which was constructed in the 27th century BC as the funerary complex of

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