Valentine’s Day at Çırağan Palace

Valentine’s Day at Çırağan Palace By on Feb 10, 2022 in Accommodation, Going Out, Hotels, Leisure Travel, Middle East, Regions, Restaurants, Speciality Travel, Turkey

Çırağan Palace, the home of many great love stories, is offering some exciting surprises with glorious romantic stay and dinner experiences on Valentine’s Day.

Romance with a gourmet menu and live music at Tuğra Restaurant

With a soul-soothing vista of the Bosphorus composing the background, the fairy-tale Tuğra Restaurant has unsurprisingly been chosen as the world’s most romantic restaurant many times over. The charming eatery once again awaits those wishing to experience the glorious romantic atmosphere of the Çırağan Palace with a Valentine’s Day exclusive Love menu, packed with romantic treats and tasty goodies. The menu includes outstanding flavours; freshly buttered oysters, fresh bluefish served with winter rolls, beef ribs in beef tallow, goose bread in pastry, frozen yogurt with nutmeg

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