Vegan friendly luxury resorts in Sri Lanka

Vegan friendly luxury resorts in Sri Lanka By on Feb 20, 2023 in Accommodation, Asia, Food and Drink, Going Out, Regions, Resorts, Restaurants, Sri Lanka, Travel Miscellany

Sri Lankan cuisine has a rich and varied history with a wide range of culinary influences. This island nation which is rich in spices, dates back more than 2500 years when it was discovered by the Portugese. The Dutch and the British followed and they all played a part in the Sri Lanka we know today. The proximity to southern India has of course led to some similarities in their respective cuisines, but anyone who says that Sri Lankan food is “the same as Indian” is oh so very wrong. They’ve obviously never eaten a Sri Lankan ‘rice and curry’ which is a dish that sounds so simple, but is a culinary journey in itself.

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