Visiting Northern Botswana in style

Visiting Northern Botswana in style By on Dec 28, 2021 in Africa, Botswana, Regions

It’s 3am and I’m sleeping soundly in my tent. I use the word tent advisedly, this is not some derisory Boy Scout number, this is a palatial affair, with wardrobes, desk, sofa, huge king size bed, ensuite bathroom and a private, romantic, claw-foot bathtub on the verandah. Technically the word tent only applies because the walls and roof are canvas. Suddenly I wake to hear a substantial sounding creature thundering towards the room. I sit bolt upright in bed, reaching for the bedside light.

Something large, very large, brushes against the outside of the tent. Next I hear snarling and roaring, and what sounds rather like a lion, or even two, runs past, again brushing against the canvas as it goes. I hold my breath, ears straining to hear more,

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