Why Botswana is the perfect luxury safari experience

A diversity of wildlife, landscapes and luxury lodges is what makes Botswana such a special destination. Also, it is amongst the most stable of African countries and has imposed tight controls on its huge, natural national parks. These controls are vital to protect its safari-based tourism and guarantee a good, mainly upmarket, experience for its visitors.

The largest game park in Botswana, the Chobe National Park incorporates two very different territories, the lush vegetation beside the Chobe River that flows through the northern part of its 11,000 square kilometres and the often arid Savute region to the west. Bordering this national park is the famous Okavango Delta where the popular Nxamersi Island is situated in the middle of its multitudinous channels. A variety of transportation here, safari jeeps, biplanes, helicopters, boats and the traditional mokoro add a dash of adventure to a holiday in this country.

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