Why Queenstown tops the adventure destination list

Why Queenstown tops the adventure destination list By on Dec 08, 2022 in Adventure Travel, New Zealand, Oceania, Regions, Speciality Travel

It all started in 1988 when a few people shuffled to the edge of a bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand, and jumped. Little did they know they were making history, and few anticipated the popularity or prosperous nature of the activity, let alone that it would put Queenstown on the map as an adventure destination.

Queenstown has gone through a bit of a revival, transforming from a small ski town in the 80s to the current bustling adventure capital of New Zealand. Today, over 80,000 people bungy jump in New Zealand alone each year.

The adrenaline-pumping sports have expanded extensively, ranging from zip lining to abseiling. Once only known to rock climbers and bungy jumpers, the town has become the heartbeat of adventure in

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