Why visit Dubrovnik in 2023

Why visit Dubrovnik in 2023 By on Feb 19, 2023 in Attractions, Croatia, Eastern Europe, Europe, Going Out, Regions

Dubrovnik is always a good idea, but it does not hurt to remind why it should be (again) on your bucket list.

And with a number of changes from January 1st, it is also closer and more approachable than ever. With Croatia now part of the Schengen, more travellers will be able to arrive without additional visas, and the brand new Euro currency will simplify the overall experience in Croatia, for both businesses and travellers alike. The grand opening of Pelješac Bridge in summer 2022 finally connected all Croatian territories into one entity, meaning that car travelers could finally reach Dubrovnik from central Dalmatia or Zagreb without crossing the border. And notwithstanding to mention, Dubrovnik is, as it has always been, safe

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