Ecuador: an ideal destination for when the virus storm abates

We’re now forced to hide away, remaining in lockdown to fend off the COVID-19 coronavirus. Nonetheless, Ecuador wants to remind travelers that it’s a destination waiting to welcome them back with open arms once this pandemic is in the rearview. This open invitation is highlighted in a new video just released by this scenic country’s […]

7 of Bogota’s best restaurants

Surprisingly close in size to New York City, the massive Colombian city of Bogota has — culturally, artistically, and gastronomically — never felt more alive. Just as the country as a whole is shedding its past image, some exceptional Bogota dining venues are transforming the image of Colombian cuisine thanks to their superlative chefs – […]

Buenos Aires: home to 8 of South America’s top restaurants

Traditional European gourmet receives a special South American twist in Buenos Aires, where fining dining is far from limited to Argentina’s emblematic roasted meats. Blending Italian, French and other Old World influences, the city’s cuisine is a microcosm of its unique culture, reflected in a truly unique taste. Recognition of Buenos Aires’ exceptional culinary delights […]

15 top tips for the perfect Galapagos Islands getaway

Teeming with wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth, the remote Galapagos Islands are located almost 600 hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. For most travelers, it’s a destination we dream of experiencing in person, though we rarely imagine the reality of what a visit to this iconic location entails. So, before you […]