5 breathtaking adventure sports vacations on the Ecuadorian mainland

After months of being pent-up inside, adventurous travelers are feeling the urge to travel the world more than ever. At the same time, these intrepid explorers seek to venture out in a manner that ensures their health and safety. For this, outdoor adventure sports are ideally suited, as social distancing and plenty of fresh air […]

5 adventures awaiting you as the Ecuadorian mainland re-opens

Ecuador and its legendary Galapagos Islands have been gradually — yet carefully — opening their doors to international travelers since this summer, when the first international flights began arriving in the country with passengers. Prudently applied protocols allow anyone who wants to travel to Ecuador to do so in an environment that’s quite safe, since […]

South American countries begin opening for travel

Though South American governments have been careful to keep the air industry grounded for almost six months, we are now seeing some countries on the continent opening up their borders. In Latin America, there are currently only a handful of countries that have fully opened up for tourists – though more are on the way. […]

6 amazing South American photography tours

By Alfonso Tandazo on Aug 23, 2020 in Antarctic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Polar Regions, Regions, South America, Uruguay As the realistic possibility of international travel slowly and carefully comes back to life, travelers can begin to ponder the adventures to come in the not so distant future. For those considering a dedicated […]

6 South American adventures waiting in the wings

With 2021 approaching — and the possibilities for safe travel promising to return — even now you can begin considering the possibilities for adventure travel in South America. Why not? Of course “adventure” means a little something different for each traveler. Those with untamed spirits can find adventure in everything from literally swimming with sharks […]

6 types of travel insurance: for greater certainty in uncertain times

As the coronavirus has completely affected our lives, this pandemic has disrupted existing and future travel plans. Therefore, all of this has turned greater attention to travel insurance. Such protection provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence, covering big financial risks that you don’t want to bear alone. Travel insurance provides […]