5 reasons to join the Carnival revelry in Brazil

One of the most anticipated parties on Brazil’s calendar, Carnival has, over the centuries, become an integral part of national culture. However, it is neither a Brazilian invention nor is it celebrated in Brazil only. In fact, Carnival dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. In Brazil, the revelry began in the colonial period […]

5 of the world’s most overlooked animals

By Matt Rushbrooke on Jan 25, 2020 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Argentina, Asia, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Central America, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, North America, Paraguay, Peru, Regions, South America, Speciality Travel, Tanzania, Uganda, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe One of the most enticing things about travelling abroad […]

Top 5 places to visit in South Malawi (beyond the lake and reserves)

Malawi is best known for its magnificent Lake Malawi and is increasingly gaining a reputation as a top safari destination. But there is much more that the Warm Heart of Africa has to offer its visitors, including some stunning highland scenery and rich cultural interactions. Having covered those higher profile attractions focussed in previous blogs, […]

Sicily: a yachting haven

Bursting with sensory delights, a yacht charter itinerary encompassing Sicily and its neighbouring islands is an absolute treat. Trace the curves of this spectacular coastline to soak up stunning views across emerald waters or head ashore, where a warm Italian welcome awaits. Take time to inhale the lingering fragrance of lemon groves, tantalise your taste […]

Short stay: Ambong Pool Villas, Langkawi, Malaysia

By Michael Edwards on Jan 24, 2020 in Accommodation, Asia, Featured, Food and Drink, Going Out, Hotels, Malaysia, Regions, Resorts, Restaurants, Travel Miscellany Ambong Pool Villas sits stylishly on one of the 99 (natural) islands that make up the Langkawi archipelago in the Andaman Sea, close to Thailand’s southern border. Open for just two years, […]

The secrets behind Club Med skiing success

By Angus Kinloch on Jan 23, 2020 in Accommodation, Canada, Europe, Food and Drink, France, Hotels, North America, Regions, Resorts, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe In the past 10 years, one holiday brand has been investing in skiing and broadening its appeal beyond its traditional French client base. The secret to Club Med’s growth in popularity, […]

Madagascar – a birder’s paradise

If you saw the DreamWorks film Madagascar, you could be forgiven for getting very confused about what sort of wildlife inhabits this vast, Indian Ocean island off the south-eastern coast of Africa. There are no penguins, and no escapees from Central Park Zoo. What you will find, however, is an extraordinary hotpot of biodiversity: 90% […]

Photograph of the week: Arch of Constantine, Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Roman Emperor Maxentius wouldn’t have liked it much. (Had he survived, that is.) After all, the Arch of Constantine was erected specifically to mark his emphatic (and humiliating) defeat at the hands of Roman Emperor Constantine I in an ancient Roman civil war. Even more notable, though, was the fact that this exquisite arch would […]

5 positives to a ski holiday lacking in snow

The snow sports industry is entirely at the whim of the weather and – as much as we wish that we could – we simply cannot control it. Having a bad snow season unfortunately goes with the territory, though of course our disappointment is entirely valid when we fly across the globe only to find […]

5 of the places to take a boat trip in Europe

By Patricia Bech on Jan 21, 2020 in Croatia, Cruises & Boat Travel, Eastern Europe, Europe, France, Italy, Regions, Spain, Speciality Travel, Western Europe Renting a boat is a great way to enjoy a different perspective of a place. Whether you chose to join a group boat tour on your next travelling experience, or hire […]

Luxury travel in Iceland

“It is in Iceland’s authenticity that luxury can be discovered.” This month’s blog post comes from the cosy cocktail bar situated in the luxurious Canopy by Hilton hotel. It is a 4 star hotel (there are no official 5 star hotels in Iceland). This hotel is based in downtown Reykjavik and a stone’s throw from the […]

Planning for your 2020 halal holiday

By Nabeel Shariff on Jan 21, 2020 in Travel Miscellany Another new year is here. With the new year brings a new decade, and the opportunity to set new travel goals and additions to your bucket list. Though we’re only just starting a completely different chapter, one of the best ways to succeed at travel […]

9 of the best luxury sailing cruise adventures

By Steve Newman on Jan 20, 2020 in Africa, Asia, Cruises & Boat Travel, Ecuador, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Indonesia, Regions, South America, Speciality Travel, United Kingdom, Western Europe, Worldwide The days of sail were thought to be over but they’re coming back with a vengeance. More and more people want to be environmentally friendly when […]

Family holidays with a difference: our top five family beach hotels for 2020

By Thomas Ryves on Jan 20, 2020 in Accommodation, Caribbean, Europe, Family Travel, Greece, Hotels, Leisure Travel, Mexico, Middle East, North America, Oman, Regions, Resorts, Saint Lucia, Speciality Travel, Western Europe Treat your family to a memorable luxury beach holiday by picking the perfect hotel in the perfect destination, offering everything your family could want […]