5 ideal honeymoon destinations

Congratulations… you are engaged. Now the excitement of planning your big day lies ahead. Lots to think about and do, maybe plenty time, maybe not, but whatever, it will come round much quicker than you are expecting it, and that is a fact. It just seems to creep up on you! As well as all […]

Career Advice for Lost Twenty-somethings

Me at my college graduation in 2012 In my twenties, I’ve felt so much pressure (both internal and external) to find the right career. I think most of us have. Since graduating from college, I’ve worked in sales and marketing. I’ve freelanced and blogged and au paired. I’ve entertained many, many career paths, from journalism […]

A Return to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Yes, we took another visit to one of our favorite cities: Grand Rapids, Michigan! Actually, we visited three times (!!!) this year to hang out in the town, and to see some good friends who call this place home. Naturally, we also visited Beer City USA to swing through some more of its yummy breweries. […]

Top 5 magical safaris in Uganda and where to stay

Want to go on safari in Uganda, but have no idea which package to pick? We understand what you are going through, as there are countless experiences just waiting to be had in this small East African country. Below, we run down the best five options for a magical safari experience in Uganda. Gorilla trekking […]

Where to see amazing wildlife in Latin America

Latin America abounds with all manner of fascinating wildlife species, from tree-dwelling monkeys and birds of paradise in an array of colours to rare marine creatures like the pink dolphin and land-based ones like the elusive jaguar and the famous camelids of Latin America: vicunas. Sloths, Costa Rica Sloths, found in the Monteverde Cloud Forest […]

Top 5 cruises for an unforgettable luxury holiday in Antarctica

A holiday to the white continent of Antarctica is on many a traveller’s bucket list, but how can you decide on which cruise to take? There are now a number of operators offering exciting trips to this vast and icy part of the world, all with their own unique benefits. The ships are decked out […]

This Week in Travel – Episode 241

This week Jen Leo and Chris Christensen are joined by their guest Teddy Wilson from Discovery Canada and Smithsonian’s Mighty Trains. They talk about train travel. I was off in Chicago and missed this week’s show. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Sites Mentioned on the Show Mighty Trains Rocky Mountaineer California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento […]

A guide to skiing in Norway

The Swiss Alps have long been the byword for luxurious European skiing, but those in the know are heading further north to Norway. This land of pine forests, towering peaks and deep fjords offers an abundance of varied terrain, making it perfect for mixed ability groups. Despite Norway’s long cultural association with the sport – […]

Brain Training

There is one fundamental tool I use all the time, because it’s so adaptable. I use it for myself and for a large number of my clients. I don’t know if there’s some official name for it, but I think of it as brain training. We will all naturally gravitate towards activities that we find […]

13 Facts About Peru You Should Know Before You Go

Think about Peru and your mind will no doubt conjure up images of Machu Picchu and llamas. But, there is a whole lot more to this South American gem than those hilltop ruins and weird looking creatures. It might sound cliché but Peru really does have everything. It has misty mountains, dusted with snow; surf […]

Top 6 destinations in Asia for a luxury Winter getaway

As the winter months creep into the Northern Hemisphere, the temptation to swap the chilly drizzle of the British Isles for brighter and warmer climes elsewhere is at an all-time high. Here are some of our absolute favourite spots to escape to across the globe at this time of year to get our fix of […]

Pipit Banglamphu Street Art Festival

Over the last few weeks, ten streets artists of different styles, have showcased the uniqueness of seven communities in Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok through the art of mural paintings.  The street art festival will take place at Pipit Banglamphu museum on Friday 12th October 2018. The opening ceremony is from 8:00am to 11:00am. Then, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm there […]

The world’s most beautiful Autumnal festivals

When it comes to the seasons, there is arguably none more beautiful or breathtaking than the season of Autumn. With its colourful leaves, crisp morning air and rainbow filled fields, it’s undoubtedly one of nature’s most marvellous masterpieces. Of course there are other things to be enjoyed in Autumn besides the beautiful scenery; Halloween, hot […]

Travel video of the week: Northern Lights in Greenland

Let the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis remind you of the seemingly infinite beauty in Greenland. It is one of the great surprises of the Arctic night and the best time to see this phenomenon is on a dark, clear Autumn or Winter night. You can experience this multicoloured light show from September to […]

Luxury travel treats: Helly Hansen race sailing special

Any of you that are frequent or even semi-frequent visitors to A Luxury Travel Blog will know that, when we are not away travelling, we spend quite a lot of our weekends taking our boys to race sailing events up and down the country, as well as overseas. And if there’s one thing that’s critical […]