The world’s most luxurious new cruise ship

The majestic, sleek Silver Muse ship from Silversea Cruises has just redefined sophisticated cruise ship luxury. Constructed by Fincantieri, the Italian shipbuilding company, the Silver Muse launched in spring 2017. The Silver Muse features 298 lavish suites and can carry up to 596 passengers. The ocean liner offers plush elegance throughout. 52 UNESCO World Heritage […]

Luxury Hotel Review: Rancho Valencia, San Diego

Did you know you can experience luxury and family friendly at one place? The ultra-luxe Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa has all the hallmarks of a five star, five diamond resort. Then it adds family-friendly touches. Oh, and it takes dogs. Vegetarian TravelingMom Judy Antell found the fitness classes challenging, the food healthy and delicious, […]

7 Reasons to Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia

Beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia is filled with gorgeous 17th – 19th century architecture. Lively sidewalk cafes and city squares, good museums, and a friendly, sprawling green park, all appealed to Philadelphia Traveling Mom Sarah Ricks. In the center of town, there’s a castle on a hill and a river. The Old Town is easily walkable. Nearby […]

What's Going to be Different Tomorrow?

Yesterday, in a fit of inspiration, moved the furniture out of my bedroom and tore up half of the carpets. A few months ago I did the floors for the rest of my house, but I ran out of time and my bedroom threshhold was a natural stopping point. And then… there was no natural […]

Places to Visit in the Western Ghats During Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is perhaps one of the most exciting because it brings with it new life. The atmosphere hangs heavy, laden with raindrops, and the once parched landscapes erupt in a rainbow of verdant tones. Western Ghats During Monsoon Season. Monsoon in the Western Ghats is particularly beautiful. With vast mountain ranges stretching for over 1600km […]

Our Family Adventure in Buena Park California

The city of Buena Park is a good alternative for families touring the Anaheim area. With moderately priced lodging and food venues, as well as proximity to freeways, it provides a more affordable choice for travelers who wish to experience Southern California’s attractions on a budget. Photo Credit: Margalit Francus, Autism Traveling Mom When people […]

6 Reasons You Have to Visit the Disney Hotel on Hilton Head

Wayfinding TravelingMom Jennifer Kaufman and her family like beach vacations well enough, but she and her three kids are usually looking for something more to do after a couple of days as beach bums. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort has fit the bill for years. Now she shares why it’s a must visit for Disney […]

A lighthearted guide to staying in dorms

Although I swore I was done with dorms after the last time I stayed in one (Istanbul, April 2013, when I was woken up by a bunch of drunk Australians at 4:30am), I was visiting Copenhagen last weekend on a budget, and I chose to stay in a dorm again, in order to keep my […]

Top 5 rooftop bars in Malaga, Spain

Who doesn?t love a rooftop bar? Especially in a city such as Malaga on Andalusia?s Mediterranean coast, with its perpetual sunshine and soothing views of mountains and sea, the rooftop terrace seems like a no-brainer. Still, it was only sometime in the 1980s that the concept really took off, with a few of the taller […]

Sizzling Summer Travel Tips

Unemployment is down. The temperature is up. Gas prices are down. And travel will be up, with predictions that a historic 44.2 million traveling during the Independence Day holiday weekend. But before you head out into the summer sun, soak in our sizzling summer travel tips. Don’t head out into the historic summer crowds this […]

How to Save on Vacation Rentals: Stay Worldwide from $35/Night

Hotel rooms can be both a huge expense and too small for many families. What if there were a way to get an actual condo, not just a room, for as low as $249/week? With flexibility and the right timing your family could be living large for pennies. Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams shares […]

A Bachelorette Weekend in Colorado

Added by Vicky on June 23, 2017 The most popular bachelorette party destination in the US has to be Las Vegas. But it’s far from the best one! Depending on your group of friends a long weekend in Colorado might actually make for a more interesting destination, and this is exactly where one of my […]

Big Changes to FASTPASS at Disneyland in 2017: Here Comes MaxPass

Breaking Disney News: The first stage of Disneyland’s next generation FASTPASS service, MaxPass, is here as of June 21, 2017. Find out how the new digital FASTPASS system works. Plus, details on what will be coming next when Disneyland MaxPass is fully implemented later this year. Photo credit: Leslie Harvey / Frequent Flyer TravelingMom If you’re headed to Disneyland […]

An eco-friendly yacht that truly captures the imagination

Sleek, sexy and futuristic: the eco-friendly Tesla Model Y yacht is a new generation vessel that captures the imagination. Conceived by designer Dhruv Prasad, the Tesla Model Y is an all-electric yacht as the name implies. A self-sustaining design Equipped with a hydroelectric turbine system and solar panels, with a little bit of help from […]