5 Amazing Things To Do in Boise, Idaho

Idaho is more than farms and potatoes. In fact, Idaho is full of amazing things to do and Boise, Idaho, the state capital, is no exception. Whether you are visiting for a weekend or a week, during the summer or the winter, there are plenty of things to do in Boise with kids. Some of […]

9 Best Things to do in Mont-Tremblant this Summer

A year-round retreat for global travelers who have a taste for luxury and adventure, Mont-Tremblant is a thrillist’s gold mine. There are more activities to keep you and your kids busy than you could possibly fit into a single stay. Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor gives the lowdown on the 9 best things to do in […]

Top 10 mountain restaurants in the Three Valleys

Skiing and eating go hand in hand and no ski trip is complete without at least one great lunch or dinner. What makes the Three Valleys special is that you can have fabulous, creative food whilst on the slopes, as well as when in resort and it’s the mountain restaurants that I want to tell […]

Unattractive Americans: How to Not be an Ugly American

In his book, Attractive Unattractive Americans: How the World Sees America, author Rene Zografos spoke with thousands of people from around the world to get their take on the best and the worst of Americans, their country, their habits, beliefs and culture. But just what are some of the top reasons Americans are beloved or […]

August 21 #TMOM Twitter Party – Fall Travel

Yes, we are headed back into fall, but that doesn’t mean we’re slaves to the autumn routine. The months ahead are perfect for travel – cool temperatures, gorgeous landscapes and low crowds! Join us at the next #TMOM Twitter Party at 9 p.m. on August 21, when we get a head start on sharing ideas […]

Destinations for your next African safari

Serengeti, Masai Mara, Kruger: names that are synonymous with African safaris. And, they receive the lion’s share of visitors—pun intended. Fortunately, the average safari tourist is well-educated and environmentally-conscious. They actively choose to spend money with companies who are working to make a positive difference in the areas in which they operate. African Parks recognizes […]

5 top tips for getting tailor-made clothes in Hoi An, Vietnam

Still waters, saffron-coloured buildings and streets untouched by the modern world; no trip to Vietnam is complete without a few days in the beautiful town of Hoi An. Nearly as famous as its well-preserved old quarter is a reputation for top-quality tailors. It’s impossible to amble down narrow roads without spotting countless shops with jumbo […]

5 Reasons Why AirBnB is the Best Lodging Choice for Families in London

Planning a family trip to London? The most important decision you’ll make is where to stay. There are plenty of hotel rooms (over 149,000!), but Optimism TravelingMom suggests you consider booking a flat with Airbnb. She thinks it’s the best lodging choice for families. Your first question may be “Why?” Your second? “What’s a flat?” […]

13 Fun Things To Do With Toddlers in The Palm Beaches, FL

Pleasant surprises can benefit traveling families and a big toddler-friendly one happened in The Palm Beaches of Florida. TravelingMom’s new Guest Author expected mostly arts, culture and fine food, but also found abundant delights for her toddlers too. She shares 13 fun things to do with toddlers in the Palm Beaches, FL. Highland Beach in Palm […]

9 Water Park Tips that Will Make You Actually Want to Go to One

Stop. Before you put on your swimsuit you need to read these water park tips. If you are dreading the wave pool, trying to wiggle out of water slides, and not even looking forward to riding the lazy river, you need this post. Water parks can be an awesome place for family fun. Photo: Maria […]

5 paradisiacal dive sites in Zanzibar

So you’ve just experienced a safari of a lifetime, ticked off the big beasts of the African bush, gained an appreciation for the lesser-known creatures, become far too used to your morning wake-up calls with coffee and cookies, and it’s now time for some rest and relaxation on Zanzibar… only you can’t help but feel […]

14 Best Things to Do in Greenville SC with (or Without) Kids

Greenville South Carolina might be in the South, but it is hardly Southern. At least not in that laid back, sleepy sort of Southern way that is accentuated by a sweet southern drawl. Greenville SC, rather, is a vibrant metropolis filled with surprises and topped with a generous helping of southern charm. There are lots […]

Is September the best kept secret in Provence?

Ahhhh… Provence in September… is there a better month to be had in this stunning region of Southern France? I am probably the tiniest bit biased but there are so many reasons why I look forward to this time of year. Reliable sunshine is just one factor that makes Provence such a great destination. Even […]

The real truth about private air travel

The private jet industry has always been surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions. Many of these serve to put people off, and it’s often people who would otherwise be interested in chartering a jet. Though the industry is growing and more people are flying privately than ever before, there are plenty of people who still […]

Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian Village Restaurant Guide

If there’s one thing you have to do while visiting Québec’s Mont-Tremblant village, it’s eat. Indulgently. The pedestrian village is a cornucopia of foodie pleasures that will appeal to every palate. But not all restaurant adventures are created equally, so let us help you put your taste buds front and centre and avoid trial and […]