Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in the Cotswolds

Spanning six English counties, The Cotswolds is the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales, and the best way to explore is by foot (your pooch will be happy to hear).The Cotswolds Way is a 102 mile walking route where you can enjoy as little or as much of it as you […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in London

London is a melting pot of cultures and not just because of the 20+ million tourists that visit this vibrant city each year, but also the diversity of its locals which has influenced the London scene in food, fashion, music and art. The iconic London skyline is as eclectic as its people, with longstanding landmarks […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in Seattle

The cool North Californian city made famous by iconic films, comedies, novels and grunge music is one of the most intriguing cities in the USA. Visitors to the rainy city can’t get enough of the laid-back city lifestyle, its ability to embrace new trends, the coffee connoisseur culture and stand out attractions such as the Space […]

Dream travel – 7 places on my USA bucket list

What associations do you have when you think of the United States of America? Freedom? Disneyland? The lights of Las Vegas? Or maybe the Hollywood Walk of Fame? America is a truly incredible country in terms of natural sights and travel opportunities and offers boundless incredible travel experiences for everyone from backpackers to luxury vacationers. […]

Top 15 dog friendly hotels in San Francisco

Birthplace to alternative revolutions, the gold rush, beatnik poetry and many a tech start-up, San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities on the planet. The hilly Northern Californian jewel is swathed in fog and balmy sunshine in equal measures (and very often on the same day) and is known for its hippy ideals, […]

12 European under-the-radar travel destinations to visit in 2019

Now summer’s over and 2018 draws nearer to an end, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about destinations you’d like to explore next year. Europe is brimming with scenic under-the-radar travel destinations that are just as beautiful (and even more so) than their more popular rivals, just not overrun by tourists. So for discerning […]

Exploring Prague – the launch of the new Skoda Fabia

Last week we were invited to explore the city of Prague to celebrate the launch of the new Skoda Fabia. As one of their best-selling cars, a redesign was definitely inevitable, and we were lucky enough to test the cars before they hit the market in October. Kirsty Leanne a travel blogger from the KirstyLeanne […]

Gocustomized personalised phone case review

I know many people who are probably with me on this – if you’re a traveller you tend to love anything that reminds you of special travel moments. My home is adorned with many, many images of travel, from framed photos of the multicoloured tin rooftops of a wintery Reykavik to Cuban Revolution fridge magnets […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Budapest

Spectacularly rising up from a troubled past, Budapest – Hungary’s capital bisected by the River Danube – is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after city breaks in European. With many a creative soul and artist taking advantage of the still very cheap rents, Budapest now has a very hip and trendy edge with eclectically […]

A dog friendly motorhome weekend away in the South Downs (with Camptoo)

Motorhome and camper vans breaks are on the increase. With all the Brexit woes and the pound sliding against foreign currencies, unsurprisingly the UK became our number one travel destination in 2018. There’s always been something very idealistic and romantic about the freedom and spontaneity of hitting the open road without a care in the […]

Infographic – the best value city breaks and stopovers

Apparently, the UK has some changing holiday habits. Instead of using up all your holiday in one go and then not having anything else to look forward to the rest of the year we’re now choosing to opt for smaller and but more frequent trips. Many travellers/holidaymakers are eschewing the traditional fortnight getaway for ten, […]

Top 15 cool and unusual hotels in Dallas

Bold, brash, status-conscious but contrary to popular belief no oil of its own to speak of, ‘The Big D’ as it’s sometimes known, is a shiny and modern metropolis in North Texas, and the commercial and cultural hub of the region too. Known for its popular cliches of wealthy, consumer-driven Texan cowboys, being the site […]

My dog-friendly French road trip – exploring Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (with FREEDOME)

The next destination on my Dog-friendly France road trip was the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – a travel destination seemingly reserved for serious Francophiles. It’s an extraordinary and prosperous region untouched by the ravages of modern tourism, offering dramatic elevated landscapes of high hills and plateaus, enchanting medieval hilltop towns, deep valleys, endless vineyards, protected national parks where lynx, […]