The Galapagos Cruise Guide for Budget Savvy Travellers

By Charli Moore This Galapagos cruise guide will help you differentiate between the various classes of cruise travel offered, and ensure you get the best value trip for your money. Since Charles Darwin first wrote about the unique and beautiful creatures and landscapes he found there in 1835, the Galapagos Islands have been a must-see […]

Under the Radar Winter Resorts You Probably Won’t Find in Your Guidebook

By Charli Moore For every Whistler Backcomb, Wanaka, and Chamonix there’s a lesser-known, often less developed winter resort overlooked by those who favour après ski over isolated piste. Ideal for those looking to escape the masses and explore off the beaten path, here’s my guide to some fabulously unfamiliar and under the radar winter resorts. […]

A Canoe Safari on the Whanganui River

By Charli Moore Listed as one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks the Whanganui River Journey isn’t a walk at all. Instead of tramping a well-trodden trail, those who seek to disconnect from the outside world paddle a 157km stretch of water which meanders through some of the most remote parts of New Zealand’s North […]

Best Adventures in Australia for Active Travellers

By Charli Moore It’s been too long since I last touched down in the Land Down Under. However, the memories of my 18-month stay are still fresh in my mind. The months that I spent traversing the highways and rural roads which connect this sparsely populated island inspired the desire to further explore its great […]

What you need to know about the ETIAS visa waiver for Europe

By Charli Moore A trip to Europe is one of those things that are on many people’s travel bucket lists. Why wouldn’t it be? The region is seriously diverse and attractive. From Unesco World Heritage sites to trendy restaurants and contemporary art museums, Europe is packed with culture and history. Each country in Europe has powerful […]

A Simple Guide to Catamaran Rental in the Caribbean

By Charli Moore The Caribbean attracts all walks of life when it comes to tourists and vacationers. Its tourism industry is robust and extremely successful for a reason. Some tourists prefer to lounge around on the beach drinking cocktails, while other prefer the secretly expansive mountaineering opportunities offered in certain regions of the Caribbean. Others […]

Planning an Adventurous Trip to New Zealand

By Charli Moore New Zealand is one of the world’s most idyllic locations for avid surfers, keen explorers, and paradise pursuers. Inspire your adventurous trip to New Zealand with the following information and intriguing facts before you prepare for your trip. Check which documentation you need, whether you need an eTA New Zealand and other […]

Autumn Breaks: Why Hokkaido Will Be Your Next Bucket List Obsession

By Charli Moore I should probably start by making a confession… Prior to my visit I’d probably only glanced at the Japanese island of Hokkaido on a map a handful of times and I’d certainly never contemplated adding it to my destination bucket list. Sure, Japan had always been a country I’d wanted to visit, […]