Explore the only garbage truck collection in the United States

Officially, it’s the Waste Pro Garbage Truck Museum. Unofficially, it’s probably the biggest collection of its type. I know, I know, you’re coming to Florida for beaches and all sorts of other places. Why on earth would I go out of my way to find a place that barely gets any visitors? Come on — […]

Destination: the eclectic ‘Smithsonian of the South’

Go on, admire the stuffed alligator hanging above your head. Welcome to the Lightner Museum, the self-described ‘Smithsonian of the South’. While researching my next book, What The Florida, I came across this oddball in St. Augustine, and it ended up being one of my favorite places in the city. By the way, What The Florida? It’s […]

First impressions, the Bucharest edition

As this post goes live, we’ve been in Bucharest for just under a week. We’ve settled into our Airbnb, meandered through the Old Town a couple of times, and figured out the local grocery stores. That means one thing: we’re ready to rock Romania. Some first impressions of Bucharest coming right up! We ain’t in […]

The digital nomad countdown to a new country — how we do it

If you’re just getting started on a digital nomad journey, you’ll quickly learn the transitions from one place to the next are like pit stops in a race. Doing them well means you waste less time, make fewer mistakes, and spend less money while making a smoother transition from A to B. 7 days before […]

12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling to Dubrovnik and Split

(Much like other Things I Wish I Knew posts, this one’s focused on the lessons learned, in the hopes that they help you on your own trip.) Dubrovnik and Split are two of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations — and with the high season coming soon, there’s a good chance you’ll be planning a trip […]

Experience blindness and type some Braille at Zagreb’s Typhlological Museum

I thought it was a typo on the sign at first, to be honest. How ironic, I thought, that the sign for the Typological Museum would have a typo in it.  It’s not a typo, though —  derived from typhlos (‘blind’) and logos (‘thought’ or ‘reason’), the Typhlological Museum covers the world of the blind and the visually impaired. […]

The 10 Weirdest Places in Florida

I spent months traveling through Florida to find the weirdest of the weird. Here are the ten weirdest places we came across. Want more? What The Florida is my next book — and it’s coming June 1st. Pre-order now or learn more. Harvey’s Ford Truck Collection (Crawfordville) Thank Pat Harvey and his father for this […]

Destination: the other OTHER Roman coliseum — this one’s in Pula, Croatia

What’s with the ‘other OTHER’ title? Awhile back we enjoyed one of the Roman coliseum in El Jem, Tunisia. I called that one the ‘other’ Roman coliseum, after the much more widely known Coliseum in Rome. That makes this one the other OTHER Roman coliseum. I’ll note that some research helped me find this Wikipedia page, which lists […]

Random pictures: the ‘exploring Croatia’ edition

As always, random picture posts cover some of the fun scenes and places that haven’t or won’t get featured in a post of their own. See more random picture posts here. A tribute to the fallen tooth — as you might guess, it’s located just outside a dentist’s office. A quick peek at the local supermarket, […]

ANSWERED: 21 questions you’re asking about becoming a digital nomad

After my recent post about digital nomad programs, I realized I really hadn’t written all that much about the lifestyle I’ve enjoyed for the last several years. Whether you’ve thought about becoming a digital nomad or have wondered if you can do it yourself, consider this a collection of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a […]

Random pictures: the ‘Zagreb street art’ edition

It’s not political like the street art in South America, but it’s still wonderfully colorful. Have a look. Walk along Ulica kneza Branimira (or ride along half a dozen trams) for plenty of graffiti / street art. This single wall has dozens of pieces along hundreds of meters: A nice orderly look at pieces… Maybe a […]