Hidden Bangkok Canal Tour

One of my passions is boats and canals. During my youth in the UK, my parents often took us on canal boat holidays during the summer. So, even today, even though I don’t as yet own a boat (one day maybe), I love exploring the canals and doing boat tours whenever I can. So, I […]

Headache Stencil, Thailand’s Banksy

One of the most well known political street artists in Thailand is Headache Stencil. Like Banksy, he likes to remain anonymous as much as he can. He told Khaosod, “I started calling myself Headache Stencil because I knew what I did is going to cause people headaches. I’ve been a troublemaker since I was a […]

Applying for the Yellow Vaccine Passport

Today I’m at the Department of Disease Control to apply for my yellow vaccine passport which I will use for international travel. I’m applying at the office in Nonthaburi, but you can also apply at your local health office or provincial hospital. This THREAD gives you the steps. [2/6] I made an appointment to apply […]

Letters from Thailand – #5

It’s always good to see some historical landmarks still remaining in Bangkok. This structure in front of Central Embassy used to be one of six boundary markers on the land owned by Nai Lert. This is the information about it from the plaque: In 1909, Phraya Bhakdinoraseth (Lert Sreshthaputra) bought a vast plot of land […]

Lunch with the New British Ambassador

I was really happy to be invited to have lunch with the new British Ambassador last week at his private residence. This follows my tour of the new embassy in AIA Sathorn Tower a few months back. I find these informal meetings with ambassadors, and consular staff, very important to get to know each other and to […]

Photo Blog: Cycle Ride along the coast in Bangkok

Can you believe that this is in Bangkok? This is Bang Khun Thian district which goes all the way to the sea. There’s a new cycle path here which we explored at the weekend. You can rent bicycles for only 30 Baht from the local museum. You can also do boat trips. Map for bicycle […]

Live Photo Blog: Benjakitti Forest Park

The latest park to open in Bangkok is also going to be its largest once it is finished. This is Benjakitti Forest Park which is located next to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. You may already know Benjakitti Park which has a jogging and cycling track around a large lake. Well, this new extension […]

A trip along the coast from Samut Prakan to Samut Sakhon

This weekend I am exploring the coastline from Samut Prakan to Samut Sakhon with my friends @chilipastetour and @DavidLuekens. There’s a new road along Sapphasamit Canal that now goes all the way. My map notes for this trip are here: thailandphotomap.com/exploring-the-… If you switch to a satellite image, you can see that the coastline is […]

The new Samut Prakan Immigration office in Bang Phli

This morning I visited the new Samut Prakan Immigration office in Bang Phli. It has temporarily moved from Paknam to Thip Nimitra Market (pronounced tip-ni-mit). They will be building a five-storey building on the Paknam waterfront. It will probably take them a few years. [2] Thip Nimitra Market is on Theparak Road opposite Banplee Hospital. […]

Informal chat with Mark Gooding, the British Ambassador to Thailand

Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions about your work and life here in Thailand. Can you begin by briefly introducing yourself? Of course. I’m delighted to be back in this region. I’ve spent much of my working career here. My first job after university was as a French and German teacher at an […]

Dates for Changing the Costume of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok

The Emerald Buddha is the most important Buddha image in Thailand. It is adorned with three different sets of gold seasonal costume; two were made by Rama I, one for the summer and one for the rainy season, and a third made by Rama III for the winter or cool season. The clothes are changed by […]