Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Hi there! Every year, we try to take at least one weekend away with Heidi and Ben – my sister and brother-in-law – while we’re in the U.S. This year, we headed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a couple days to hang out and do nothing, really. So, here’s a rundown of where we went and […]

Louisville 2018: Part 3

Hey! Yet another post about Louisville, but this is our final one of the year. We spent quite a lot of time there hanging out, hence all the posts. We had plenty of good times, as always, and here’s a rundown of what we did (or, ate and drank). Our buddies, Joel and Julie, stopped […]

Louisville 2018: Part 2

We spent quite a lot of time hanging out in Louisville, Kentucky, this year. Mostly just chillin’ and whatever as we really dig the city and all it has to offer. Below are some shots from what we did – mostly eat and drink because nobody wants to see us sitting around! – and you […]

Illinois 2018: Part 3

More and more and more Illinois for ya! We just can’t help hanging out there with my cool parents, my cool sister and bro-in-law, and our cool niece. We spend a lot of time there, lounging about, during the summer. So, you get a lot of posts from me. *shrug* Here’s another round of what […]

Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Indy! We actually were only here for one night on two different occasions this year. Just passing through and sleeping. And, well, drinking and eating. As we do. So, this post about Indy isn’t very long and doesn’t cover very much. Alas! This is our blog and it’s about what we do. So, […]

Illinois 2018: Part 2

Hey all! Time for more memories from our visit to see family and friends in Illinois this year. You can check out part one right here. First and foremost, new shoes! Wooooooo! 🙂 Better weather finally arrived, so I had to up my game. Ang and I also had to get our nails done to […]

Farm Party in Yorkville, Illinois

When we were in Illinois this year, our good buddies Joel and Julie invited us to a party at Sol Gardens, which their friends own. Joel also houses all of his lovely little bees here. Bzzzzzz! We were fortunate to meet a lot of great people, enjoy pig roast and live music, and hang out […]

Peoria, Illinois

While we were in Illinois this summer visiting family, we made the trek over to the city of Peoria to watch our niece play in the state softball tournament and hang out a bit with the fam. This was only a couple of days and we didn’t do a whole lot besides have fun watching […]

Louisville 2018: Part 1

Angela and I spent quite a bit of time in Louisville this year for various reasons. Because of that, we have a ton of pictures! You may have seen some of these on various social media pages if you follow us anywhere. If you have, consider this a roundup of what we did. Yeah! You […]

Illinois 2018: Part 1

Hey, all! It’s been a minute since I posted, as we’ve been on the road and also did a bunch of site maintenance. Anyway, we went to Illinois this year to visit family and friends, and to hang out a bit. This is part one of some random photos from these visits, even though you […]

A Return to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Yes, we took another visit to one of our favorite cities: Grand Rapids, Michigan! Actually, we visited three times (!!!) this year to hang out in the town, and to see some good friends who call this place home. Naturally, we also visited Beer City USA to swing through some more of its yummy breweries. […]

Back to Grand Haven, Michigan

We hit up the U.S. this summer to visit family, take some small road trips, and holler at some friends. We returned to the lovely town of Grand Haven, Michigan, to check out some breweries and relax a bit for a few days. We already did an extensive post about Grand Haven a while ago, […]

Lagos & Odiáxere, Portugal

More, more, more! Are you sick of our Portugal posts yet? As you probably know, we go there a lot to ‘get away’ when we’re in Seville. This post is just a little ditty from when we visited our friends, Anja and Paul, earlier this spring. Just some picture sharing and whatnot. You can check […]