Lagos & Odiáxere, Portugal

More, more, more! Are you sick of our Portugal posts yet? As you probably know, we go there a lot to ‘get away’ when we’re in Seville. This post is just a little ditty from when we visited our friends, Anja and Paul, earlier this spring. Just some picture sharing and whatnot. You can check […]

Seville, Spain: March 2018

I know, March 2018! Already a few months ago, which is rather disturbing. Stupid time and its flying. I wasn’t going to write a post about this particular month in Seville because we didn’t do much beyond hang out with friends and prep for a trip to the States, but after going over the pictures, […]

Matalascañas, Spain

Let’s go to the beach! When our friends, Lena and Dom, came to visit from Germany recently, we took it upon ourselves to head down to the beach town of Matalascañas, Spain, as they wanted to see some sand and surf. Since it’s not actually a town, but more an area/beach, it doesn’t simply come […]

Carvoeiro, Portugal

Portugal, Portugal, Portugal! Yeah, more from there. Because it’s awesome. And because we go at least a couple times a year when we’re staying in Seville. This round to one of my favorite beachside villages – Carvoeiro – happened with Heidi and Ben – my sister and brother-in-law – when they came to visit. It […]

Sagres, Portugal

Yes, another Portugal post. Yes, I know you never get tired of them. We’ve been to Portugal so much recently that it might feel a bit repetitive to see all these posts on the blog. But, you know what? It’s our blog and it’s about what we do. So there! I dunno. It’s fine. All […]

Trebujena, Spain

Yeah, we’ve done Trebujena before. Multiple times, in fact! Alas, as this is a journal of ours, we’re going to post about it again. We went back to this village a few months ago when my sister and brother-in-law, Heidi and Ben, came to visit with their friends, Kim and Jerry. The family of our […]