Japan’s incredible Ishikawa prefecture

Fall in love with a hidden gem, a golden part of Japan that’s a rare glimpse at uncompromising beauty and traditions that span centuries. If Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, on the north-west coast of Honshu Island, isn’t on your travel wish list, it should be. Just a bullet train ride from Tokyo and hugging the coastline […]

Sri Lanka: A world in one island

Sri Lanka is one of those places that everyone’s talking about at the moment. It’s an up-and-coming destination and one of those special places with something for just about everyone. Are you looking to combine rich history, diverse culture, nature, wellness, wildlife, incredible cuisine and more, all in one trip? Then Sri Lanka is the […]

Remembering Leopards

With an impala in its sights, the leopard slowly and stealthily stalks forward. Her head is low and her legs are bent. She’s the master of camouflage and her light golden-brown fur, with black spots and rosettes blends into the long grass. She makes clever use of the cover. Her plan is clearly to ambush […]

Top spots to safari in Zambia

Zambia has been my home for more than 30 years now and one of the things I’ve always loved most about the country is its wilderness, its wildlife and its amazing safari experiences. Zambia arrived relatively slowly to the safari scene, overshadowed for many years by its neighbours. Despite having some of the best reserves […]

Jaipur… experiencing The Pink City of India

Facebook X Pinterest Perched on the edge of the Thar Desert and fringed by the Aravalli Hills, Jaipur is an architectural wonder, home to some of India’s most ornate buildings – honeycombed palaces, towering forts and elaborate structures designed hundreds of years ago, that still captivate visitors today. Pretty in pink Jaipur is the capital […]

KAZA – Southern Africa’s conservation wonderland awaits

Welcome to the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA), the world’s largest Terrestrial Transfrontier Conservation area. At approximately 520,000 km², it’s larger than Germany and Austria combined, roughly the size of France, and nearly twice the size of the United Kingdom – it’s enormous! In 2011 Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe banded together, in a […]

Eswatini – Southern Africa’s hidden gem

The compact and landlocked nation of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, is Africa’s last absolute monarchy. Travellers have a tendency to incorporate this diminutive kingdom into a South African itinerary, often using it as a convenient link between South Africa‘s Kruger National Park and the scenic province of KwaZulu-Natal – totally understandable given this is […]