Beachfront or sea view? Choosing your villa holiday setting

Apart from the most basic factors such as the price and number of bedrooms, the most significant consideration in choosing a holiday villa has to be the setting. To those who delight in staying at a luxury villa in the tropics, the choices usually come down to two: either right along the beach or high […]

Asia’s most lavish holiday villas for a luxury ‘isocation’ experience

Yes. You read it correctly – isocation. No typographical errors here. We know how the pandemic and the quarantine have sparked a phenomenal new wave of creativeness among people – learning new skills, discovering new hobbies, and – to the travel community – inventing new words. Isocation: an amalgamation of the words ‘isolation’ and ‘vacation’. […]

Niseko, Japan – Asia’s Winter holiday destination

A recent online survey with participants from a dozen different countries listed Japan as their top choice of destination once the worldwide travel hiatus finally ends. Their reasons include obvious agendas such as the food (Japan is also among the top culinary destinations in Asia) and visiting specific cultural and themed attractions, like Universal Studios […]

Top choices for your next villa vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is Thailand’s quintessential embodiment of a laid-back tropical holiday. This peaceful island offers the experiences that to us seem so familiar, and yet at the moment, somewhat strangely dream-like: bare-foot fantasies on sun-warmed white sands, being serenaded by the ocean waves, all the while admiring the endlessness of the sea and sky. Though […]