A guide to skiing in Norway

The Swiss Alps have long been the byword for luxurious European skiing, but those in the know are heading further north to Norway. This land of pine forests, towering peaks and deep fjords offers an abundance of varied terrain, making it perfect for mixed ability groups. Despite Norway’s long cultural association with the sport – […]

Top 6 destinations in Asia for a luxury Winter getaway

As the winter months creep into the Northern Hemisphere, the temptation to swap the chilly drizzle of the British Isles for brighter and warmer climes elsewhere is at an all-time high. Here are some of our absolute favourite spots to escape to across the globe at this time of year to get our fix of […]

The world’s most beautiful Autumnal festivals

When it comes to the seasons, there is arguably none more beautiful or breathtaking than the season of Autumn. With its colourful leaves, crisp morning air and rainbow filled fields, it’s undoubtedly one of nature’s most marvellous masterpieces. Of course there are other things to be enjoyed in Autumn besides the beautiful scenery; Halloween, hot […]

Travel video of the week: Northern Lights in Greenland

Let the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis remind you of the seemingly infinite beauty in Greenland. It is one of the great surprises of the Arctic night and the best time to see this phenomenon is on a dark, clear Autumn or Winter night. You can experience this multicoloured light show from September to […]

Luxury travel treats: Helly Hansen race sailing special

Any of you that are frequent or even semi-frequent visitors to A Luxury Travel Blog will know that, when we are not away travelling, we spend quite a lot of our weekends taking our boys to race sailing events up and down the country, as well as overseas. And if there’s one thing that’s critical […]

Discover where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef

If you drive south from Port Douglas, Australia, hugging the coast on the Captain Cook Highway towards Cairns, you arrive at the Thala Beach Nature Reserve – where the World Heritage Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. The Nature Reserve Hotel is located high on a private peninsular jutting out into the Coral Sea overlooking […]

How even really busy people can have travel experiences of a lifetime

Awesome Experiences provides travel experiences of a lifetime for busy people. Helicopter over the ultimate adventure destination of Mount Everest, track gorillas in Rwanda, explore the otherworldly lunar landscapes of South America or visit Rajasthan and the Pushkar Camel Fair. Escape from work for just 7 days – or a fraction longer if you have […]

Top 5 things to do in Rome before your cruise

Rome is a popular embarkation port of call on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries, and thus lends itself beautifully for a few days stay before your cruise, allowing plenty of time to explore this historical city. Cruise ships dock at the port of Civittavechia, and it’s a swift 60 minute transfer into the heart of Rome. […]

7 ways to enjoy a luxurious multi-generational travel experience

Have you ever been on a multi-generational vacation? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, these are holidays that can be enjoyed by grandparents, parents and children alike, and something that is not always easy to achieve. Finding a single travel experience that will keep a wide age range entertained can be a challenge, but here […]

Secret squares in Barcelona

Barcelona’s squares are best found when stumbled upon at random. They’re places of beauty, filled with eateries, bars, and people who like to watch the world go by. There are several popular squares in Barcelona, but if you look a little further you can find even more treasures waiting to be discovered. So next time […]

A Zakynthos itinerary that has everything you’ll love

Planning a holiday of a lifetime can leave you needing a holiday.  With so many attractions on offer, and only a week in the sun, it can be hard to know what to see for the best.  Zakynthos is no exception, there are myriad of amazing things to see and do, and you can be […]

7 reasons why Portugal is a must-visit foodie destination

As with many global cuisines, Portuguese cuisine has evolved over time and has adopted flavors and recipes from around the world. The country was a major player during the Age of Exploration, colonizing in South America, India, Africa, and parts of southeast Asia and the Pacific. With each new land discovery, ships returned to the mainland […]

5 reasons why Puglia is the perfect family holiday destination

There is no doubt that Puglia is the hottest place to visit in Italy at the moment in more ways than one! Certainly, its wonderful Mediterranean climate provides plenty of heat for much of the year, with long, hot Summers stretching from early May to September and with generally warm and pleasant temperatures even in […]

Travel video of the week: Discover Spain’s culture

Spain’s cultural richness is unique, brilliant and diverse. A luxury for the senses! Where to begin? In Spain you’ll find unique monuments, as well as outstanding museums and masterpieces of universal art. You can stroll around cities that will transport you back to past times, and choose from an exciting array of cultural events… 2,000 […]