Beautiful Greek Islands to visit to explore historical sites

You will hardly find a better place to travel back in time than Greece. Not only do the Greek islands come in all shapes and sizes but they also hide tremendously rich cultural heritage that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. Although there are significant monuments and remnants of the antique times on […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels Lake Tahoe

With tranquil shores and cobalt blue brilliance all enveloped by spectacular mountains, Lake Tahoe – which borders both California and Nevada – draws over a million visitors every year. Everyone from holidaymakers to outdoor adventures enthusiasts are left enchanted by the steep granite cliff sides, towering mountains, the shimmering body of water and the mix […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in Carmel-on-Sea

The historic seaside resort turned an affluent bohemian community, Carmel-on-Sea, California has attracted a whole host of notables over the decades including famous artists, writers and in more recent years a good handful of both minor and major celebrities. Both the village and the beach are ultra charming with a spectacular unspoilt coastline and immaculately […]

8 under-the-radar beauty spots to visit in Devon

Lying at the very western end of England, the county of Devon and is wild unspoilt landscapes, granite moorland, cosy traditional villages and vast stretches of golden beaches is often considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in the United Kingdom. Popular with holidaymakers and daytrippers, here you can find rural relaxation roaming […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in New York

Overflowing with architectural treasures, the US capital is a hugely vibrant, artistic and adrenaline-charged city that holds a romantic appeal for many travellers. Filled with atmospheric neighbourhoods, swish hip boutiques and trendy inventive restaurants it’s also arguably one of the most exciting places to visit on the planet. Although it’s such a lively city, it […]

5 dreamy moments to experience on Kiawah Island, USA

You’ve likely heard of the southern darling city of Charleston, but did you know about the stunning island just a 45-minute drive away? Kiawah Island is a Lowcountry escape beloved by golfers, beach bums, and families alike. Its preserved, naturally rich landscape is home to flora and fauna that include endangered Loggerhead turtles and majestic […]

12 of the most beautiful wildlife holidays

A holiday combining beautiful scenery and beautiful wild animals is arguably one of the most life-changing trips you can take. I’ve always been a huge animal lover and I love photographing them too, but I firmly believe the only way to see animals is roaming around freely in their natural environment. And from the numbers […]

Top 15 dog friendly hotels in Santa Barbara

The Southern Californian sun-soaked gem impresses and enchants its many visitors with its white stuccoed walled buildings, beautiful palm tree lined beaches, superb collection of bars, restaurants, coffeehouses and independent boutique stores as well as its elegant but laid-back atmosphere. It’s also a great place to bring along Fido too, and as well as a […]

8 reasons to fall in love with Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are a true tropical paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is already a perfect reason to run away from your daily routine and let yourself loose in the sunshine. Just you, maybe your partner and the ocean – it is an ideal combination for a relaxing ambience and unforgettable memories. However, […]

Top 15 dog friendly hotels in Asheville, North Carolina

The most industrialized of the Southern states, North Carolina is known for its beautiful coastline, its majestic mountains and plateau region. The area is dotted with interesting and quirky mountain towns, but the undisputed queen is easily Asheville. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville oozes an eclectic Southern Charm and attracts tourists by the […]

Top 15 dog friendly hotels in Chicago

Once called “the pulse of America” Chicago – the most populous city in Illinois – is famed for its architecture, fantastic museums and parks, the skyscraper-punctuated skyline and a vibrant live music scene, which includes a phenomenal array of jazz, blues and rock clubs. For such a lively city it’s also surprisingly very welcomingly to […]

Smart travellers guide: 8 products you’ll always find in my luggage! 

Whether I’m jetting off to a far-flung destination or just planning a long drive down to the coast, there are certain products I never leave home without, here are my eight favourite travel beauty products… Mineral make up Most cosmetics, unfortunately, tend to clog the pores, aggressive sensitivity and suck moisture from your skin. This […]

The best places to charter a yacht this summer

If you’ve ever visited the South of France during the summer then you’re sure to have seen a luxury yacht somewhere on the horizon, and while in recent years there have been increasingly large and impressive superyachts to catch your attention, there are still plenty of affordable options for your own luxury yacht charter with […]

Top 15 dog friendly hotels in Ireland

Rugged, romantic and traditional but still with a huge sense of fun, the Emerald Isle is a place to visit for unspoilt scenic landscapes, a warm welcome and a perfect pint of the black stuff. It’s also an increasingly dog-friendly travel destination. Admittedly it was a little behind in the furry-friend welcoming stakes but now […]

Tarragona – exploring one of Spain’s most beautiful under-the-radar cities

Last October, when the temperature was in the last throes of a typical long Mediterranean summer, Scott Balaam from our team embarked on a whirlwind tour of Spain exploring four cities by train in four days, one of these cities was Tarragona, a small but beautiful coastal city long overshadowed by Barcelona, its more famous neighbour. Here’s […]