7 European beauty spots to explore with Schengen Insurance

Going to Europe for vacation? If so it’s an excellent choice as you’ll be spoilt for choice for historical cities, natural attractions, or ski resorts. A week or two spent in Europe can become the time of your life, but as in all travel, you’ll need to plan and prepare before you head off. The Schengen […]

Infographic – where should I go on holiday?

Holidays are officially good for you. Several studies show that getting away from it all leads to an increased feeling of happiness and wellbeing, better personal relationships, better physical health and even a greater learning capacity. Arguably the toughest bit is deciding where to go! To help you with your decision, Shepards Friendly the UK friendly […]

11 reasons to add Belize to your travel list

Bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the brilliant turquoise Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala. Belize is a paradise for anyone looking for adventure, breathtaking sights, and a laid-back Caribbean-esque vibe which entrances its visitors. Belize is a travel destination has much to show and to give, hence why […]

Under-the-radar beauty spots in South Africa

South Africa is a unique country where endless deserts alternate with picturesque mountain ranges and impenetrable jungles adjoin lively beaches. Millions of people visit South Africa to enjoy its beautiful scenery and the diversity and richness of the animal world. However, if you really want to make the most of this beautiful country, get off […]

Krippenstein and Hallstatt Austria – an under-the-radar snowy getaway

When it comes to winter getaways, there are plenty of well-known options. Everyone’s heard of the snowy wonders of Chamonix. We all have that friend who goes to Aspen to Jackson Hole every winter, but often the popularity of typical snow getaways is their downfall. It’s hard to have an interesting or authentic vacation experience […]

8 hygge-esque restaurants to visit in Copenhagen

Denmark is known for their simple, ultra-modern Scandinavian designs, “hygge” atmospheres and trendy fashion sense. If you haven’t heard of the popular Danish word “hygge”, it’s used to describe the mood of feeling cosy, comfortable and content. While visiting the country’s capital city of Copenhagen, I was in awe of just how “hygge” the entire […]

11 things to know before you take a cruise

For many people, travelling is about the thrill of the new, of discovering things you didn’t know about, satisfying a curiosity to experience something you’ve never seen or done before. Often this means searching out newly discovered or off-the-beaten-track destinations, but it can also mean seeing existing places through fresh eyes, or considering a destination […]

Discovering Santorini – the seductive island 

One of the world’s most beautiful places, Santorini is an increasingly popular travel destination. Our guest blogger Tanu from  www.footinstincts.com fell for its captivating charms… She was beauty and seduction intertwined. A gale of delight from the divine. That’s how I felt about this beautiful little Greek island of Santorini. It’s implausible, to not be smitten, by its mystical […]

5 reasons you need to go skiing in Japan

To most skiers, Japan needs no introduction. Its deep snow, playful terrain and wacky convenience stores have been burned into our collective consciousness via the multitude of ski and snowboard videos, photos, and articles that we’re deluged in every year. But Japan isn’t just the land of deep powder skiing, it’s an incredibly interesting travel […]

Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in Dorset

With over half of the county designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, it’s easy to see why Dorset inspired many of Thomas Hardy’s literary landscapes. From the rugged cliffs of the Jurassic Coastline, carved with such natural wonders as Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove to historic houses and grand castles, there’s so much for […]

8 awesome tips for first-time solo travellers

Travelling alone gives you a sense of independence and unlimited freedom. You get to do what you want when you want. At the other end of the spectrum, travelling without a companion can stir up feelings of fear, loneliness, and vulnerability. Whether you are about to travel alone for the first time or are flirting […]

Travel advice – travelling to Europe after 2021

Europe’s full of incredible destinations to visit. France, Spain, and Italy are just a few of the most visited locations and there are 23 more fascinating countries in the Schengen Area. At the moment, you can travel to the region without applying for a visa or any form of travel authorization (if you’re from the […]

The best of London in 48 hours for travel snobs

London has a bit of magic and something for every traveler. The city has been the backdrop to various famous movies including Notting Hill, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Snatch and Bridget Jones Diary. The city offers a wide range of activities. From seeing a play at the London Theater to riding the London Eye to […]