10 of the most beautiful places to visit in North Island, New Zealand

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in North Island, New Zealand by the lovely travel blogging couple Domino Panton-Oakly and Pete Oakly from”A Ticket To…“  New Zealand is a place that appeals to all the sense. Firstly, you’ll see the most out-of-this world sites such as the twinkling glow worms at Waitomo caves. […]

Competition: win a fabulous £1000 hotel stay with Hotel Bonanza

Want to win a £1,000 hotel stay with Hotel Bonanza?  Enter the competition here: http://bit.ly/2Dzfm7Z Why Hotel Bonanza? [embedded content] [embedded content] Bursting onto the online travel agency scene is Hotel Bonanza, offering an alternative to the high commissions charged by major hotel booking sites of up to 30%. High commissions force many hotels to […]

Tarragona – exploring one of Spain’s most beautiful under-the-radar cities

Last October, when the temperature was in the last throes of a typical long Mediterranean summer, Scott Balaam from our team embarked on a whirlwind tour of Spain exploring four cities by train in four days, one of these cities was Tarragona, a small but beautiful coastal city long overshadowed by Barcelona, its more famous neighbour. Here’s […]

Reflections on Golden Moments with YOGI TEA® Turmeric Chai

Although this time of year presents itself with a myriad of distractions, it’s also a time to pause and reflect on the past 12 months, and yep life in general. Travelling always teaches you a few things and ever since my travels took me to Asia for 6 months many years ago I learnt to […]

6 reasons why everyone should visit Bavaria at Christmas (inc.video)

[embedded content] [embedded content] A land of cuckoo clocks, fairytales, and a festive cheer unlike no other in the world, Bavaria is arguably one of the world’s best places to visit at Christmas. A few weeks ago we took a trip to under-the-radar Regensburg, a university city hailed as the best preserved medieval city in […]

Nine beautiful reasons why you should visit Peru in your lifetime

It was 1532 when Fransisco Pizarro led his Spanish army into Peru and laid siege to the Inca civilization and since then Peru has held a fascination for visitors because of its diverse environment, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. When you set off on a journey through Peru, you plunge into an authentic, unique and […]

6 winter activities to indulge in Jasper and Edmonton, Canada

Winter can sometimes feel like it lasts a year, especially in the UK where the build-up to Christmas suddenly gives way to long grey days, cold rainy nights and darkness. I often find myself deprived of vitamin D and craving light by the middle of January. I relish those rare bright days that are bright, […]

How to spend a boutique 48 hours in Regensburg, Germany at Christmas

Although Bavaria lives up to all its wonderful cliches of lederhosen, dirndls and of course its beer-supping, thigh-slappingly jolly festivals, the Southeastern state in Germany Bavaria offers much more than just a fine place to get drunk. It’s a place where pristinely glossy landscapes are punctuated with story-book castles, traditional churches and neat and medieval […]

Around the world in 7 dates…with Badoo

As an intrepid traveller and a hopeless romantic I am a firm believer that Mr or Mrs Right won’t always live in the the same town or even on the same continent as I do and have always been open to the possibility of meeting someone on the road! Sadly I have not met Mr […]

Five fabulous eateries you need to visit in Montreal

Montreal – the largest French-speaking city in North America is a cultural junction — and its dizzying array of food choices from, from poutine to fine international cuisine, reflects that, in fact they boast the most amount of restaurants per capita in Canada! From spending a week here scouting out all the best places to eat, […]