Seville, Spain: Winter 2018-2019 Part 1

Hey all! As noted in my last postlast post, I’m trying to catch up and keep up with our daily lives here in Seville, Spain. You’re not going to find a lot of touristy sights and such, but you can always check all of our Spain postsall of our Spain posts to see some of […]

Seville, Spain: Autumn 2018

Hey all! Most of you know we don’t blog much about Seville, since it’s where we’re usually based and it’s a normal, mundane life. We only, really do touristy things here if we have guests. And even then, we don’t do much! It’s really easy to fall into the habit of not seeing the sights […]

Frigiliana, Spain

On our way back to Seville from Cartagena, we stopped in the village of Frigiliana. Known as “the most beautiful pueblo blanco in Spain,” we found a nice Airbnb there and decided to hang out for a few days. Situated less than an hour east of Málaga and just north of the coastal town of […]

BaterĂ­a de Castillitos, Spain

Just outside the city of Cartagena, Spain, lies an interesting and somewhat odd “castle” and battery called the Batería de Castillitos. When we were in Cartagena, we took the opportunity to drive up there to check it out and see some of the mount’s amazing views. Built in the 1930s, this battery is somewhat kitschy […]

Cartagena, Spain

After a couple of days in our cave home in Guadix, Spain, we headed east to the city of Cartagena. Our purpose for this trip was to link up with Ang’s folks, who would be stopping through with friends during their Mediterranean cruise. Ang and I booked several days here so we could explore it […]

A Return to Colmar, France

While we’ve visited Colmar before, back in 2017, we decided to head back to this city in the Alsace region of France with our pal, Bev, last time we were visiting her in Germany. Colmar is a center of Alsatian culture and a very pretty, historic town, and we always like spending a day looking […]

Guadix, Spain

We recently took a road trip to the city of Cartagena, Spain, to meet up with Ang’s parents, who were on a Mediterranean cruise. We wanted to stop halfway between Seville and Cartagena, and the town of Guadix looked like an interesting spot to spend a couple of days. This town in the province of […]

MAUSA Vauban in Neuf-Brisach, France

While we were visiting our pal, Bev, in Freiburg, Germany, I really wanted to head over to the French village of Neuf-Brisach to check out MAUSA Vauban. This is a street art gallery and museum that’s housed in the ramparts of the city, which were built in the late 1600s and early 1700s as a […]

Elzach, Germany

Hey there! During our fall stay in Freiburg, Germany, we headed out with Bev to the nearby village of Elzach to have a hang and meet up with our friend, David from Decker Bier, to visit the über-local brewery, Löwenbrauerei Elzach. Before meeting up with David, we had plenty of time to enjoy the town […]

Freiburg, Germany

Hey! As noted in our previous post about Staufen, we like to go to Germany at least once a year to visit our friends and hang out. This includes visiting our pals, Bev and Bruce, in nearby Freiburg. Sadly, we lost Bruce this year while we were back in the U.S. He was an amazing […]

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

If you have read this blog for any decent amount of time, you’ll notice that we go to Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, at least once a year. We have good family friends there, and we love the area, so we try to swing through as often as we can…when it’s not winter, anyway. So, when […]

Illinois 2018: Part 4

Ho, ho, ho! The holidays are here and I finally have our last Illinois/USA post of the year for ya. This is part four of all the posts we did about Illinois, as we spent a ton of time in and out of there visiting family and watching our niece play softball. So, let’s go! […]