When You’re on Vacation, and Your Flight Goes Wrong 

I’ve talked before on the 9 to 5 Wanderer about how to make your airport experience smooth or how to survive your long haul flight, but what do you do when you’ve prepared for everything, and things still goes awry? In honor of July 4th weekend, a big travel weekend, I’d like to talk about […]

An Honest Guide to Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza

I’ve now been to Egypt twice in the last 6 months and not written a word about it, so I think it is time to start unpacking my adventures in my beloved country. Egypt holds a special place in my heart, and each time I go, I find myself wanting more, already looking forward to […]

Sad Thoughts with Instanbul Today

I woke up this morning aghast to hear that Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was devastated by a terrorist attack, with scores killed and hundreds injured. My heart is heavy for the city and country I fell in love with, which has been rocked by terrorist attacks and violence far too many times this year. I am filled […]