Luxury hotels in South Africa’s forgotten Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape with its windswept beaches, jungle vegetation and open-hearted, laid-back people often gets coded as a backpacker’s or surfer destination. But to view it in this light would not only be a gross discredit to the region but to the astonishing series of luxury accommodation options.  After a stay at three luxury hotels […]

4 of my favourite new South African lodges

4 of my favourite new South African lodges By Jared Ruttenberg on Oct 02, 2023 in Accommodation, Africa, Regions, Resorts, South Africa It’s no secret that you’re utterly spoilt for choice in South Africa when it comes to safari options. After months of recent travel around the country, I’ve included four of my tried-and-tested favourite […]

Perfectly Portugal

Perfectly Portugal By Jared Ruttenberg on Sep 28, 2023 in Europe, Portugal, Regions, Western Europe Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries and a string of invasions over her lifetime have left a culturally rich land. The republic relies heavily on tourism and after wanting to visit for years, I was happy to finally be […]

5 unmissable Cape Town restaurants

5 unmissable Cape Town restaurants By Jared Ruttenberg on Aug 12, 2023 in Africa, Food and Drink, Going Out, Regions, Restaurants, South Africa, Travel Miscellany As South Africa‘s home of haute cuisine, Cape Town offers no shortage of enticing dining options. As a proud local I share five of my favourites – from the finest […]