What Living in Stockholm as an Expat is Really Like

Welcome to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Today Kate will be sharing about the ups and downs of living in Stockholm. Stockholm seems like a gorgeous, livable city so I loved hearing her take on living there as an expat. Kate is Canadian, and […]

13 Facts About Peru You Should Know Before You Go

Think about Peru and your mind will no doubt conjure up images of Machu Picchu and llamas. But, there is a whole lot more to this South American gem than those hilltop ruins and weird looking creatures. It might sound cliché but Peru really does have everything. It has misty mountains, dusted with snow; surf […]

How to cross the border overland between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Traveling to Papua New Guinea is like exploring the last frontier. It might sound cliche; it’s not. Papua New Guinea is one of the less-visited countries in the world. The road system is limited, the tourist infrastructure still developing, and the safety a primary concern. However, the country is home to rich forests and jungles, […]

16 Adventure Activities in Peru for Thrill-Seekers

Peru is a striking South American country with an incredible variation in landscape. From cities to desert, beaches to rainforest, mountains to lakes, Peru is a hotbed for travelers who have a need for speed! This guide details the adventure activities in Peru in the sky, on the sea, and on the ground. Adventure Activities […]

Highlights of Cuba

Cuba is unlike any place you have ever visited. Its recent history, socio-political development, and proximity to the U.S. make it unique in the world. Cuba is also beautiful with stunning beaches, lush, tropical foliage and dramatic architecture. But Cuba’s most winning feature, what really sets it apart, is its culture reflected in the people, […]

7 Reasons Why Working Abroad Is the Best Way to Travel (and How to Do It)

You see it every day on Instagram, a news article, or Facebook… Someone traveling the world—posing at impossibly perfect beaches on an island you never heard of, so beautiful, you’ve only seen them in movies, or meandering ancient temples in Indonesia and Cambodia… And time and time again you think, “damn, they are so lucky.” […]

6 Backpacking Travel Tips For the Budget Traveler

Many a young nomad dreams of a backpacking journey around the U.S.A., Asia, Europe, or even around the world. However, many a young (or not so young) nomad lacks the zeros and commas in their bank account to do it in style. Fortunately, there are many ways to see the world without dipping into your […]

The Tsingy of Madagascar

The tsingy of Madagascar, the thin, needle-like rock formations in the country, have a soft, sweet sing-song name. With one foot on a knife-edge, the other in the air, the word soft didn’t come into it. I gripped the tsingy and tried not to look down. A long, long way down. In Malagasy, the word […]

What Living in Shanghai as a Expat is Really Like

Hey guys! Welcome to American Expats, a new series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Next up: Samantha, a teacher who has been living in Shanghai for four years. Here, she talks about soup dumplings, personal safety, and the importance of a good VPN. Samatha’s background: My name […]

What Living in London as an Expat is Really Like

Welcome back to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Our latest interview features Micaela, an elementary school teacher living in London with her British husband. Here, she shares her favorite things about living in London (the edgy fashion and friendly people) and her least favorite […]