11 Super Unique Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan

There is no shortage of interesting things to do in Baku, Azerbaijan – by any measure, it’s a fascinating place.

Some people like to say that Baku is “the new Dubai”. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Thankfully, Baku couldn’t be the new Dubai – it has too much history.

While you will see many sleek new skyscrapers in Baku (courtesy of Azerbaijan’s oil wealth), they’re intermixed with medieval walls and centuries-old carpet shops. The past is still very much alive.

Here are some ideas on what to do in Baku, Azerbaijan’s quirky capital:

Walk Baku’s Old City

My favorite part of Baku is the Old City. Baku’s historical core, the Old City is surrounded by sand-colored medieval walls and filled with restaurants, shops, and traditional carpet weavers. It’s a wonderful place to take a stroll, have lunch, and visit a few attractions.

Climb the Maiden Tower

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