9 Highly-Recommended Cities for Long-Term Stays: An Extended Vacationers’ Handbook

As more people trade in their daily 9-to-5 commute for a WFH model, a lot of us are starting to consider a return to international travel. Working remotely opens a world of travel possibilities, all without having to abandon the security of having a regular job. 

Typical 14-day vacations never allow you to experience your destination to its fullest potential. By combining your remote job with a long-term stay, you’ll know you got the most out of your temporary home.

Packing + prepping for long-term travel

You don’t want your ducks to fall out of a row just because you’re leaving for a while. Since you’ll be gone for an extended period, you might want to consider prioritizing some things at home before you leave: 

Setting up a virtual mailbox Subletting your homeGetting a house and pet sitterTaking time off from work if neededShipping your vehicle to your final destination

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