A Dry January, All Year Long.

People keep reminding me it is January. I consider this an act of aggression. I keep writing “October” on all my checks. I also keep writing 1997. I also keep writing checks? What the hell is even going on with January, anyway? How can a January ever possibly feel normal? The year just started; the opening credits for it are still rolling, people are still looking for their seats. And yet here we are, already mid-way through the first month of the year, 1/24th of the way into 2024. All of us collectively trying to ignore the fact that Januarys are really just a leftover of the year that preceded it. There are extremely important dates therein (MLK Day, Inauguration Day, Insurrection Day, Everyone Being Mad at Taylor Swift for Showing Her Face in a Sacred Men’s Space Day(s)), and some of us just aren’t in the right mindset to

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