Adventure Activities in Hokkaido: My Seasonal Guide

Defined by the volcanic coastlines of Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido is the ideal destination for active, outdoor lovers seeking an authentic wilderness experience.

In October 2018 I spent five days exploring some of its most inspiring natural wonders; donning a pair of hiking boots and with camera in hand, I sought out the region’s most scenic sights.

As I sit here contemplating my visit, I’m thanking my lucky stars that Hokkaido offered me my first taste of adventure in Japan. In this article I’ll highlight some of the best adventure activities in Hokkaido, and to make it simple to navigate I’ve categorized them by season.

Autumn adventure activities in Hokkaido Head to Shiretoko National Park

Encompassing a magnificent, mostly uninhabited peninsula that protrudes from Hokkaido’s north eastern corner and is within sight of (disputed) Russian territory, in the native Ainu language the Shiretoko region is known as ‘the end of

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