Avid Adventure Traveller Looking for Sunglasses? These are the Best Ones for the Job

With the wide range of travel experiences you can try, it helps to figure out what type of traveller you are to narrow down your destination and activities to what you can truly enjoy. For instance, you might be an adventure traveller, which a previous post explains to be someone who prefers spontaneous journeys over overly planned itineraries and avoids tourist traps in favour of daredevil activities like mountaineering.

While an adventure traveller embraces spontaneity and thrill, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should forget about essentials that otherwise ensure a safe and smooth experience. Among these is a pair of sunglasses, which helps shield your eyes from sunlight, wind, sand, and other harsh outdoor elements that may otherwise compromise your vision. In many cases, sunglasses can also enhance your outdoor performance by improving the detail and clarity of your surroundings — here are the best ones you can choose from.

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