Best Mykonos Beaches to Visit This Year for Night-Long Fun

Undeniably a beach heaven, Mykonos has every reason to wave from the top of all lists featuring the dreamiest summer destinations in the Mediterranean. Indeed, its sugary coastline is adorned with sandy shores and just the right privacy and fun level one wishes, while the crystalline, cobalt waters invite visitors to a fantastic range of water sports activities and a submarine universe that fascinates scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. 

But, even if you simply want to soak up some sun and enjoy the fine sand with a cocktail at hand in your private beach cabana with captivating seascapes and music swirling in the air from the decks of international DJs, you’ll be covered. Not to mention, of course, your beach party options! Below are some of the best beaches to consider this year, if you are looking for VIP Mykonos experiences by the sea and parties that never end! 

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