Booking a Cruise? Here’s Why You Still Need To Be Cautious About COVID

For most people who have taken a holiday in 2022, it has almost felt like COVID never happened. OK, with all the flight cancellations and airport disruptions – a knock-on effect of the pandemic on the aviation industry – it hasn’t exactly been ‘back to normal’.

But as far as COVID restrictions, pre-travel testing, vaccination requirements and so on are concerned, travel now is very different to what it was even six months ago. The majority of countries have now lifted COVID-related entry rules entirely.

There is one sector of the travel industry that continues to be an exception, however. Cruise operators have kept their COVID rules in place for passengers for much longer, even when countries on their routes have ended restrictions.

While things are starting to change, anyone booking a cruise in the months ahead needs to be aware of the continued threat COVID poses to their plans.

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