Caribbean Netherlands: Why Bonaire Stands Out Above the Rest

A Caribbean holiday is high on most people’s bucket lists. From cycling across Nevis to the beach resorts of Barbados, there is something for everyone. And while most people will want to visit the famous islands, there are plenty of hidden gems that stand out above the rest. Bonaire, part of the ABC Islands of the Dutch Caribbean, is one of these gems you probably haven’t heard of. However, that could soon change as more tourists are visiting the island. Data released by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) showed that 170,194 international visitors traveled to the island in 2022 via plane, which was 12,394 more thlan in 2019.

The word is getting out about Bonaire. Here is why it stands out above the rest of the Caribbean.

Diverse Marine Life and Coral Reefs

People flock from across the world to see the stunning ocean life of the Caribbean. Unfortunately,

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